Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well... I finally recieved the invite to the blog. I was telling some of the others that lately I feel like the last kid to be picked for dodgeball in gym class. It's fine, because honestly I have been so overwhelmed with stimuli here in Paris that when I think of what words I can use to describe everything, I draw a blank. There aren't words. Maybe magical? But that makes it sound like I'm five and I just bumped into Cinderella at Disneyland. It's a really good feeling anyway... Yesterday was possibly one of my favorite days here so far. In the morning I had my presentation about Sergei Diaghilev, the founder of the Ballet Russes, and Henri Matisse. I had a brave volunteer (CLam) help me act out a little bit of the drama that went on with the ballet, which was hilarious!! Hehe... I will leave it at that and not embarass anyone. And I truly surprised myself with my public speaking. It is one of my few fears, which I have been trying to overcome my whole life. But the funny thing is John gave me a little advice that I think has helped me more than any communications teacher. Just a new way of thinking about it. After it was over I felt amazing and could then look forward to the rest of the trip with a little less stress. Not only that, but we were eating at Dans Le Noir. I have been looking forward to this day- something new to experience- something to put me on edge. I loved it!! We were lead into a pitch black room and served dinner and dessert by the blind. All the other senses were inhanced but mostly what made an impression on me was the relationship I had to have with the people in close proximity to me. We had to work together to figure out our surroundings. At one point I just barely tipped a glass over and it shattered. I felt really bad, but can you blame me? It was pitch black. I wonder if that happens all the time. Well... we have the next two days off so I better get of the computer and soak up all I can

-Kim A

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