Saturday, June 13, 2009

I finally got around to the blog! Every day I find something new to post and every night I find no time or energy, or both, or maybe it's because days like these can't be summed up in a few words... What can I say? I enjoy the museums, the touristy spots, the noisy neighborhoods and the quiet, unnoticeable ones; whenever I have a free minute I keep wanting to explore new areas, but keep coming back to the old familiar ones, like Place St. Michel or the Ile St. Louis (Honoré Daumier, one of the people I researched, lived there for most of his life; the house totally blends in with the rest ecxept for the plaque with his name; it's a really cozy spot, I can see why he chose it); I love the simple things, the ones that make you blend in to the routine of everyone around, like our daily walks to the bakery, or walking through the Parc Montsouris across the steet from the dorms; the coolest thing so far has been being mistaken for a french person! (Sometimes leaves you speechless...) I just realized this, but this kind of routine doesn't involve using cellphones, or labtops or watching tv; and somehow it is so much better! The view outside is entertaining enough, and you never get tired of museums, especieally the d'Orsay, that seems to be everybody's favorite. Speaking of musums, I think I set the record today: three in one day (I guess walking through the courtyard of the Invalides doesn't count). It was the Armory in the morning, then the Rodin house, then on the way to Luxemourg I decided to take a detour to the Medieval arts museum; sketched a while at the park, then had to leave because they were closing (I keep forgetting about that); and that's pretty much how our days go. Oh, and I'll be sure to post any cool photos I might have skipped later on. A bientôt for now!


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