Thursday, June 11, 2009

St. Chappelle & D'Histoire Naturelle

Yesterday was one of a kind. In midst of pouring rain and those danger puddle zones, everyone is dressed formally to see a concert at St. Chapelle. Despite the weather, the concert was so worth it...I mean, a string quartet in a magnificent Gothic chapel!! How classy is that?! Ahhhhhh... classical music is remedy indeed :) ♥ St. Chappelle really does have the most beautiful stain glasses ever, and here's a mini overview of the place with my voice. The second video is an excerpt of the concert.

Then today (in which the weather decided to be nice), we visited the Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, a museum specialized in anthropogenic collections like extinct animal bones! Really a fascinating site. According to John, the place looks practically just like it was 100 years ago. Gus and I mix-matched heads and bodies in our sketchbooks, and the results were so silly :) Wow, we're down to 10 more days of class...

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