Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 7 (continued)

Never used one of these blog sorta things, but as a member of this fantastic group of super students its my duty to spill my beans insight on this trip. I am one of the many students who brought a camera along this trip and photography is sort of a hobby of mine. I would like to share with you two photos of the same subject but showing how just adding a little thought into the composition can make a world of a difference.

Here is the first photo:

I call this a tourist photo, it looks like the photographer was walking by the artwork and decided to take a snapshot of it as he cruised on by. With that mind set the picture captures the sculptor and you get to see Pan and his bears. but it lacks something, the image is dull and has no life and people will skip over this image in an instant.

now here is the second photo:

Here we are close up to the subject matter and we have ourselves a story. We can see the cheerful expression on Pan's face and the wary eye of the beast starring back. This is a much better photo and I believe gives the viewer a much more interesting perspective on this artwork. It does take a little more effort on the photographers part to make this photo ( had to be on one knee when I took this shot) but the end results gives you a completely different photograph.

And so ends my first blog post on the interwebs and I will continually enter more pictures and videos as the weeks go by.


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