Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 6 aka Saturday

Hello everybody, today was our sixth full day in Paris. We started off the morning doing creativity exercises where we got together with a partner, and wrote letters to people while alternating words (they write one word, I write a word, and so on and so forth). There were some really good letters. Here's one from me and Mark:

"My dearest sweety,

My heart and soul are in the sweetest part of your hair. So I must know how you brush your hair and floss your eyebrows. Just remind yourself that every cantaloupe resides beside the farthest location of the closest jungle? I really have one more thing to say and you are going to love refrigerators!

With sentiments,
Your hotdog"

I laughed so hard that I almost died. Afterwards, we did some group exercises where we had to get into a single file line in order of height and shoe size with our eyes closed. We looked like idiots. Many eyes were poked out and a few more people died, but it was a really fun experience.

John threw us a curveball with our sketching for today. We played a game called "Hot potato" sketch spread. We all traded our sketchbooks with other people and let them draw on a single spread whatever they wanted all day. Other people could walk up and take another person's book at anytime, along with any art supplies they wanted to use. Everyone ended up with some really cool spreads...and all of them ended up resembling graffitti one way or another. It's funny how easy it is to loosen up drawing when it's not in your own book.

After leaving the dorms, we went to the Picasso Museum and the Museum Quai Branley, which was featuring exhibits of primitive art. Picasso's not really my guy, but it was interesting to see his stuff in person. It amazes me how many pieces he actually produced. It shows me that I need to get on the ball and start cranking some work out....seriously.

The Museum Quai Branley was interesting because you could really see the influence that a lot of the abariginal art had on Picasso. Some of the masks and statues looked like they could have been cut and pasted right into a Picasso painting. Cool stuff. The masks will haunt my dreams tonight. Posted are a few pics from today: My hot potato spread and pics from the Museum Quai Branley (None from the Picasso Museum...them and their R-U-L-E-S!). Enjoy!

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