Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4

Hello All-
My feet hurt so baddly. We did the scavenger hunt yesterday and then walked around paris until late in the evening. Then this morning we went to the Louve. We spent about 6 hours and only saw a small fraction of the art. Luckily, the passes are good for a few days so we can go back. Of course I already have a decent sized list of things I want to go do, and its only the 3rd day.
Then John took us to visit Gobelins, the French animation school where John will be teaching next spring. It was amazing, but intimidating. We watched some shorts and the students showed us some of their work. They have great facilities, many labs, and a little screening room with cushy red chairs. I'm so jelouse. It's almost midnight and I'm gunna try to get up at 6 tomorrow. I think it's time to go pass out;

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