Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bon appétit... damn right!

Gosh... it did not feel like 20 days. Tomorrow marks the end of the class, and the fact that we're gonna be back in 10 days just totally dawned me. Anyhow, tonight Chris, Gus, Lain, Yunghan, and I went to Les Fêtes Galantes, a restaurant that John tried by accident and then highly recommended it for its traditional French cuisine in a reasonable price. Priscilla and José were there too! :) The restaurant itself is rather small and nothing extremely fancy, but it feels very homey and welcoming. We all ordered something different from the menu set so that we can try each other's dishes.

I decided on the higher priced end of the menu and ordered the meal set of onion soup (appetizer), duck confit topped with honey and almonds (main dish), and home made apple tart with calvados (dessert). And my God...... it's the best meal I've had on the whole trip (and this is a mutual statement among us all). The names of the dishes and any words I say here canNOT do justice to describe how delicious they were. All I can say is, "Now THIS is true French cuisine." Here are the pics of my meal set (courtesy of Lain because my camera died before the dishes came...):

Authentic French onion soup with a piece of lamb meat.

This dish was GODLY....the skin crisped just right and the meat cooked so tenderly and flavored with the right amount of saltiness and sweetness. This itself was well worth the 25 Euros (the price for the whole set).

Warm and sweet. Topped with a unique flavored ice cream and fruits. WOW. Such a grand way to end the meal with.

We even left a footprint of Shrunkenheadmen in the restaurant buwahaha!

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