Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Assignments

This trip is a class may I remind you. While we have had plenty of time to relax, eat and play, we are also learning and experiencing new things every day. Creativity is not any easy subject to teach and throughout the 3 weeks of the class, King Clapp has given us assignments to further enhance our understanding of creativity and how to apply it to our artwork. They usually invovled intriguing exercises that I think many other students could do themselves back home to spark new ideas and ways of thinking about their own artwork.

While I am not allowed to go into much detail about the actual assignments, I will say that they eached played a strong role towards the class subject and goal. In each student's sketchbook, you can see the evolution of interest and personal thought that went into each page.

Unfortunately, I don't have the energy to write about our other external assignments, like the fun games we played some mornings, or the essays we wrote, or the books we read. In all, the assignments we've done for this class did not go in vain. All of them have helped inspire my current sketches and I wish that everyone will read this post and ask about them back home. It will really change the way you think!

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