Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday we went on a journey to Normandy. On the bus ride up John gave us an assignment to write a letter home as if we were the soldiers, knowing that we very well may die. At first I thought it was pretty silly, but when I started getting into the idea of having to let go of your loved ones and be let go I started tearing up. I had to play ridiculous card games to get out of that negative mindset. Once we reached Normandy I had no problem getting right back into that space. Elwood was our guide and he was incredible with the way he recounted the history and actually made it interesting. Pont du Hoc was beautiful. It's so weird how I get this idea of this dark and ugly place when I think of the war but the reason that it was so beautiful to me was because of the craters made by the bombs. What really intrigued me was cemetary. I dont know why... but death is always on my mind and it fascinates me. Seeing all of those tombstones row by row blew my mind...

-Kim A.

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