Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saddly, we're done.

Wow, the class is done and it all went by way too fast. I'm leaving Paris tomorrow for Germany and Switzerland, but then coming back a few days before we take off. I'm looking forward to traveling, but there is so much to see in Paris, and 3 weeks alone doesn't cover everything. However, this city is addictive and it is proposterous to say I'm never coming back. I told John that coming here is like hitting the jackpot with all the top of the line artwork in museums, architecture, and even live performances. I'm about to leave for the fete de la musique, where there is supposed to be bands and steet performers on every corner in the center of the city! I'm anxious to see the musical variety Paris has to offer. I gotta wrap this up, but here are some spreads I did in my sketchbook during the class:

They aren't the best quality, but I will re-scan them in as soon as I get back to San Jose.
1: The gang likes to gather everynight and do homework in the dorm "game room". We work on sketchbook assignments, talk about life, and play taiwanese card games that Yung Han teaches us. Oh the memories....
2: The famous Shakespeare and Company book store that has a view of Notre Dame out their second story window.
3: The Quai Branly Museum has a lot of awesome masks and was the place where Picasso found inspiration.

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