Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Paris Chronicles: Best Memory

Fete de la Musique has got to be it. The day we finished the official class happened to be the day of the Parisian annual festival. During the day, various musical artists and bands come out to the streets of Paris and perform for the public. By the evening, every street in central Paris was occupied by musicians. You could literally watch a free concert by children with guitars and walk 100 feet to a brass band performing familiar tunes. Music was everywhere!

(Above are photos I stole from Leann and are two examples of event)

What made this evening my best memory of Paris was the atmosphere of the festival and how our crew of 14 contributed towards its hype. After dinner, our group met outside a cafe that happened to be hosting a DJ. There were giant speakers blasting electronica dance music and lasers were shooting into the streets. Some of us began to sway to the music, and by the time all 14 of us met outside the cafe, we formed a dance circle with all our backpacks and purses in the middle so no one could steal them. The funny thing was that everyone around us weren't dancing but watching us in amusement. The DJ himself was amused and took pictures of our group dancing without a care in the world. When he handed us fliers we screamed for no reason... haha! Our circle got wilder and wilder and tourist around us were filming us and taking pictures. Soon three french girls asked to enter our circle and they danced with us a bit. After they left I noticed that more people watching us were beginning to let loose and dance. As more and more people began to join the festivity, our circle was engulfed with dancing tourist and parisians alike. We ended our dance circle with a Shrunkenheadman clap (which inspired others to do the same haha) and then we left the dancing barricade of people that we created. Look what a bunch of kids from California can start. That was truly a night I will never forget!

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